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Hey, there’s a new kid on the historic block! Meet Ava MediterrAegean, which is dressy, classy, sassy and attracts those who wish to see and be seen. Best of all, the food is generally equal to the considerable hype.
Orlando Meats is a destination for simple yet innovative meals made by obsessive chefs who gave up trying to explain what goes into their offerings. You just need to trust these guys.
Robert Rivers, winner of the 2021 Florida Prize for Contemporary Art, lost a nephew in Afghanistan. He responded with a still-evolving magnum opus that offers an unflinching view of war’s tragic consequences.
You’ll find a thriving ‘counter culture’ at Soseki, where the showy chefs serve what suits them (and you) without ever being snooty about it.
Winter Park’s Debbie Petry Artt hopes her creation will help young gamers calm down, chill out and have fun while helping the world become a more peaceful place.