Inaugural PAFW Kick-Off Brunch

By Marianne Ilunga
Our beautiful table setting

I had the pleasure to attend the inaugural brunch kick-off of PAFW at the beautiful Alfond Inn in Winter Park.  The event was a great success! The courtyard was full of fashionable attendees enjoying a delicious meal in an enchanting setting.


pafw2 (Copy)
Derek Gores

The Alfond Inn is also known for displaying beautiful art throughout the hotel. I really loved this piece by Derek Gores which really exuded what the whole week in Winter Park was going to be like with all the fashionable events happening on the avenue.


pafw3 (Copy)
Jared Violin

We also enjoyed a musical performance from well renown artist Jared Violin who played some jazz, contemporary and pop pieces. It was so interesting to see how the violin- which is really considered to be an instrument mainly played in classical music, could be part of songs by pop artists such Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars. It really was incredible!

Michelle Marks and Amy Runyan of Skin Studios

To top it all we all had fun trying on Harriett Lake hats which were fabulous and so unique.As a personal friend of Michelle Marks of Shel Marks PR and a huge supporter of PAFW it warmed my heart to see how much the event has grown and how fabulous it gets every year.




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