One Delicious Dish: Sapporo Ramen

By Rona Gindin

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One Delicious Dish: Sapporo Ramen

I was cranky and yearning for a lunch of fresh scrambled unwashed, multi-colored eggs from the dozen I’d just bought at the Winter Garden Farmers Market. But I had an obstacle the size of Japan. Two nights before, Ricky Ly, the Asian-American food blogger behind Tasty Chomps, had told The Hub and I about Sapporo Ramen, claiming its noodle soups rival those in Tokyo. I had zero chance of keeping my foodie-man away from this restaurant for even one more meal period.

Miso ramen at Sapporo Ramen

And so across steamy Orlando we trekked to unattractive Westside Crossing Plaza, also known as Chinatown for its many Asian businesses.

I took no notes, dining on Asian fare under protest. We read the small, simple menu standing in line, chose two ramen dishes and pan-fried potstickers, and sat down in a booth.

I’ll get to the ramen next, but let me say that the potstickers are among the best I’ve had. (They may have been called dumplings. I took no notes.) I know they were filled with minced pork. I can’t say what else–probably ginger, garlic and scallion. They alone had a bright flavor. The sipping sauce was astounding–spicy and filled with complimentary bold flavors. Dipping sauces is many no-frills restaurants come right out of a bottle or are a mix of only soy sauce and rice vinegar. This had a whole lot more than that going on. The potstickers/dumplings are also available deep-fried.

Pan-fried potstickers

The two ramen dishes had entirely different flavors. The miso, pictured above, was light yet deep, sort of homey. The beef curry had a thick broth–almost like a light pudding–and a rich flavor. I think I liked that one best, but I’d recommend both.

Beef curry ramen

So now I’ll be re-trekking to Orlando’s Chinatown strip mall for ramen and potstickers/dumplings. I need to try the pork bone soup, and the tempura shrimp variety, and the pork katsu curry.

I’d better start eating the eggs today.

IMG_3633 (2)

IMG_3632 (2)

Happy adventures at Sapporo Ramen, my food-obsessed readers.

Eat enthusiastically,


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